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gaming Rockstar

Is 'Red Dead 3' The Leaked Title For Red Dead Redemption 2?

Major leak might have given away E3 2016's biggest surprise.

30 Nov 2015 Scott Tailford

tv BBC

Doctor Who Review: Heaven Sent – 6 Reasons Why We Love The Dark Doctor

Brutal, brilliant, and one of the best Doctor Who stories of all time.

30 Nov 2015 Mary Ogle

tv CBS

10 Things You Didn't Know About Kaley Cuoco

Happy 30th birthday, Penny.

Updated 30 Nov 2015 K.J. Stewart

film New Line Cinema

20 Greatest Ending Lines in Film History

It's always better to have the last word.

Updated 30 Nov 2015 Audrey Fox


13 Movie Scenes Everyone Misunderstood As Kids

At what age do you work out what "patty cake" in Who Framed Roger Rabbit really is?

Updated 30 Nov 2015 Jack Pooley

comics DC Comics

10 Stupid Arguments About Superman That Don't Make Sense

What do you mean, the pants look silly?

Updated 30 Nov 2015 Tom Baker

film Marvel/Sony

Spider-Man: Did Robert Downey Jr Spoil Captain America And Iron Man?

Could the stand-alone be Civil War 1.5?

30 Nov 2015 Simon Gallagher

tv ABC/BBC/Valve

Lost: 20 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes And References You Must See

Lost... and found. For your nerdy pleasure.

Updated 30 Nov 2015 Sam Hill

film MGM, Pixar, Lionsgate & Warner Bros.

Ranking November 2015’s Movies From Worst To Best

Oscar contenders, big-budget blockbusters and...a crappy holiday movie...

30 Nov 2015 Jack Pooley

film LucasFilm

10 Epic Movie Moments Still To Come In 2015

The Old New Hope.

30 Nov 2015 Simon Gallagher

film Lucasfilm

Is Star Wars: The Force Awakens Releasing Too Much Footage?

How much is too much?

30 Nov 2015 Simon Gallagher

tv HBO

Want To Write About TV? Do It For Us

Don't just watch TV, write about it (and get paid).

29 Nov 2015 James Hunt

film Marvel Studios

Captain America: Civil War - 12 Subtle Trailer Details You Missed

Revelations! Cameos! Extras who should be shot!

29 Nov 2015 Simon Gallagher

gaming Bethesda

15 Things Only Fallout Fans Will Understand

Never leave the keys in the ignition, and never leave a Fusion Core in your Power Armour.

29 Nov 2015 Scott Tailford

tv BBC

Doctor Who: Ranking All The Series 9 Cliff-Hangers

Moments where we didn't quite know what would happen next.

29 Nov 2015 Baz Greenland

film STX Entertainment

14 Awesome 2015 Movies Everyone Thought Would Suck

These bafflingly good movies had no right being this great...

29 Nov 2015 Jack Pooley

offbeat © John Springer Collection/CORBIS

10 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths That Shocked The World

The suspicious, the unexplained and the downright weird...

29 Nov 2015 Ben Cooke

tv The CW

Arrow Season 4: Things That Need To Happen Before The Mid-Season Break

Come out of the Darhkness, and into the light.

28 Nov 2015 James Hunt

gaming Bethesda

Fallout 4: 9 Ways You're Playing It Wrong

Did you know each companion has specific abilities?

28 Nov 2015 Josh Brown

tv Marvel/Netflix

32 WTF Moments From Marvel's Jessica Jones

Sex, violence, language, and some fantastic storytelling!

28 Nov 2015 Andrew Pollard