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10 Worst Film Sequels Of 2015 (So Far)

6 months of unnecessary follow-ups... and more on the way!

2 Jul 2015 Sam Hill

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Rachel McAdams

Seriously wants to play Cheetara in ThunderCats.

2 Jul 2015 Sam Hill

gaming Nintendo

10 Awesome Old-School Video Games That Deserve HD Remakes

If Bionic Commando can somehow get a HD remake, why not Chrono Trigger?

2 Jul 2015 Alexander Pan

film New Line Cinema

19 Most Iconic Lines From Lord Of The Rings Movies

"Anyway you need people of intelligence on this sort of mission... quest... thing."

2 Jul 2015 Sara Weir

tv Netflix

20 Greatest TV Villains Ever

Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.

2 Jul 2015 Audrey Fox

tv HBO

Game Of Thrones: 10 Actors With Off-Screen Music Careers

There's music in the madness.

2 Jul 2015 Michael Potts

comics Marvel Comics

10 Comic Stories You Should Read Before Phase 3 Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Kinda like Sparknotes except with pictures...

2 Jul 2015 Bryant Lucas

film Universal

20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About The Terminator Franchise

Ever wanted to know the true price of "Hasta la vista, baby"?

2 Jul 2015 Brogan Morris

tv ABC

Agents Of SHIELD: 10 Questions For Season 3

Will FitzSimmons ever get to go on that date?

2 Jul 2015 James Hunt


10 Most Paused Moments In Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

Stuff that you couldn't get a proper look at in the theatre.

2 Jul 2015 Sam Hill

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10 Perfect Movies For The Summer

Feeling the heat? Watch these great movies and have a welcome respite from the sun.

2 Jul 2015 Andrew Dilks

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10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Apple Music

How to make the most out of Apple's spotify-killer music streaming service.

2 Jul 2015 Adam Smith

tv Fox

10 Craziest Fan Theories About Futurama

We are through the looking glass, people.

2 Jul 2015 Scott Fried

film Focus Features

20 Erotic Thrillers You Must See Before You Die

Bunny boilers, sex-obsessed teenagers, and Sharon Stone's crotch.

2 Jul 2015 Sam Hill

film Miramax

8 Actors You Totally Forgot Were In James Bond Films

After 53 years of 007's cinematic adventures, do you remember these people being a part of them?

2 Jul 2015 Geoff Cox

tv MTV

Scream: 12 WTF Moments From The TV Season Premiere

Welcome to Lakewood.

2 Jul 2015 Brendan Morrow

film Universal

Indiana Jones 5: 10 Things That Need To Happen

The fedora and whip will return to movie screens - here's what needs to come with them.

2 Jul 2015 Jay Anderson


12 Seemingly Simple Things You Fail At Everyday

"I am a pull door. If you push me, I will hurt you".

2 Jul 2015 Sara Weir

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10 Potentially Awesome Movies Released in July 2015

A whole month of cinematic awesomeness awaits.

2 Jul 2015 Andrew Dilks

technology Reddit / richardcranium0101

21 Photos That Will Make Tech Support Workers Cringe

Enough to make all but the biggest technophobes recoil in horror.

Updated 2 Jul 2015 Tom Butler